The Box – A Hardware + A Software = The best private cloud for your business.

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The Box is a hyperconverged infrastructure solution and delivers in a single hardware set all computational, network and storage, with all orchestration, management and monitoring done through a simplified interface software. Developed with the highest standards of cloud computing, delivering the same technology used by large cloud providers inside your company, guaranteed to adhere to compliance and information security standards.



The Box can be configured according to your demands, as the hardware set will support your Private Cloud it will be mounted based on your requirements, it could be as follows:

  • B2N - Two hot-pluggable systems in a 1U form
  • B4N - Four hot-pluggable systems in a 2U form
  • Core, Memory and Storage (Hard Disk and / or SSD) as demand by vCPU
  • Overcommit up to 16:1
  • 1 or 2 copy support for disk failure support



  • up to 30% less energy consumption
  • +60% performance
  • +40% reduction in operational cost
  • Redundancy
  • Security
Get to know the possibilities of The Box configurations and see that it is possible to have a Private Cloud that adheres to your needs.

Binario Cloud Box Serie S

Datasheet of the Binario Cloud BOX Serie S


Binario Cloud OS

Datasheet of the Binario Cloud OS

BCOS - datasheet


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