Journey to the Cloud: Everything you need to know.

When the need arises to make a big change in any area of the business, we often find resistance from one or more of the people involved. In some cases, this resistance is motivated by a frustrated experience that results in a negative memory and in others by a lack of knowledge about the new scenario, which leads to fear of the unknown. When we talk about using cloud computing, […]

Digital Transformation, Innovation center for your business.

Digital Transformation, Innovation center for your business. If you don\’t have an action plan on how to start your business’ digital transformation, this article will help you understand everything you need to know to start designing your strategy. Digital transformation places technology at the heart of the company\’s strategy, making technologies that are part of Industry 4.0 available to the team, adding solutions that increase productivity levels. One of the […]

How to analyze and renew your IT infrastructure


What is the importance of good performance in a web application?

Qual a diferença entre um Data Center tradicional e Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing and traditional Data Center: what is the difference?

Cloud Computing and traditional Data Center: what is the difference When it comes to emerging technologies as Cloud Computing we still can observe a lot of unanswered questions. Despite that, as we delve deeper into this technology we realize that its concept is much simpler than we imagine. Basically, Cloud Computing is a high-level virtual abstraction of hardware through a software layer. The goal is to enable the rapid deployment […]
As principais diferenças entre um Data Center tradicional e Soluções de Cloud

The main security differences between a traditional Data Center and Cloud Solutions

Segurança de rede como serviço

Network security as a service. What are the possibilities and products to add to your portfolio?

In the last 10 years security was one of the biggest inhibitors of digital transformation. There have been many cases with wide media coverage of security breaches, information leaks, data hijacking, and denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Nowadays we are faced with a situation of cat and mouse. Hackers or people with some malicious interest are always innovating with regard to their approaches and methodologies, while the security industry has […]

Learn about the benefits that Cloud Computing offers to your ISP


Industry 4.0 – How is the Market Investing in Cloud Computing?


How to demonstrate to the customer that it is better to hire their Cloud Computing service than to renew their internal data center


When does it make sense to migrate your physical server to a Cloud solution?


Demand for data processing increases but the IT budget doesn’t. How to meet this demand?

Even with the order to reduce costs, companies must always maintain the quality of their services and seek to expand their business to remain competitive within their segment. Information technology has the role of optimizing processes by cutting costs, but what to do when IT investment remains inert even with growing demand in today’s data processing? Set Goals Before cutting internal expenditures or looking for new solutions that reduce information […]

Cloud Delivery Service Models


5 trends about Cloud Computing


What to expect in the future?


Economy, Agility and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing could be the most cost-effective solution to scale your business, every entrepreneur and manager have a constant doubt: “How to scale and increase the profitability of my business?” Admittedly, increasing profitability requires continuous supervision and adjustments in all areas of the company. The good news is that in terms of technology and automation there is no shortage of alternatives to support scale and profitability in most operations. When […]

Cloud Computing and Security: What You Need to Know

When it comes to Cloud Computing we can still see a lot of discussion about issues with this technology, such as security. The truth is that cloud computing can provide us with a level of security superior to the traditional model while giving more flexibility and ease in its management. It can be seen that more and more innovative technologies are consolidating and it is important that you follow these […]

Turn Capex into Opex, improve the result and increase the performance of your services

We have seen a significant shift in various sectors of the economy, especially regarding investment. Until recently, companies have shown a certain predilection for having their balance sheet full of goods and assets, however, in recent years we have seen companies seeking to meet their demand, consuming the capital strictly necessary for such a solution. Before going further into this topic, I believe it is valid to share the concept […]

How does the NOC service and Binario Cloud monitoring work?

Binario Cloud’s Network Operation Center (NOC) is our technical area with intelligent systems focused on generating alerts for any anomalies detected in our network or our clients’ networks. In addition to these systems, we have a team of experienced and highly trained professionals that work 24/7 monitoring in real time our data center and clients’ networks. To explain how NOC service and Binario Cloud monitoring work, it is important to […]

How to design your company’s IT architecture, considering Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is becoming more and more a recurring topic in IT industry meetings when it comes to data storage or high availability of resources. With that in mind, we have developed a guide for you to be prepared for your next meeting. In this article, you will understand all the benefits that this type of solution can add to your company and check the key steps needed to understand […]

Discover how Cloud Computing is transforming classrooms

Before understanding how cloud environments and applications can improve the education industry, we must better understand the basic concept of Cloud Computing: What is Cloud Computing and what is its relationship in education environments? Cloud computing is a model of infrastructure, processing and data storage. The main idea of cloud computing is to access data from servers from anywhere in the world using the internet, not having a direct concern […]

Our migration to ODATA

When we start a conversation with the IT team about infrastructure, it is quite common to hear among the main points considered critical: the security and high availability of the environment. Technically, we have a multidisciplinary and knowledgeable team on both topics, that is, we can help our clients to deploy an environment by keeping it as secure, stable and available as possible, but we are aware of the impact […]

Voice over IP, IPTV, Monitoring / Video. Is your ISP prepared for this new reality?

Voice over IP, IPTV, Monitoring / Video. Is your ISP prepared for this new reality?If Binario Cloud said that IPTV, CCTV and VOIP in the cloud are becoming normal, would you know what we’re talking about IPTV, CCTV and VOIP solutions all consist of offering users the services of television, video surveillance and telephone calls over the internet. The question is: Is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) ready for this? […]

Fashion v Trend v Macro Trend

Nowadays one of the most common questions we ask ourselves is: Is all that is happening in the market and echoing in the media just fashion, a new trend or are we changing the scenario for a new macro trend? First of all, we need to better understand the meaning of each one, so we can define what we are witnessing. Fashion is a period of approximately 1 year, there […]

Understand how a Hyper convergent solution works

Do you remember when companies started using specific hardware for networking, computing and storage? It was wonderful to have these machines inside our homes, supporting the operations and information needed to run the software. Over the years these storage machines with few mega and as big as rooms have gone through all this technological evolution that has grown exponentially and has now become a single hardware that occupies no less […]
como a binario cloud pode estruturar sua nuvem

How Binario Cloud can set up and support the environment for you to sell Cloud Computing

Technology is more and more an essential part of our lives. When we wake up, the first things we do are: turn off the alarm clock, check WhatsApp, emails, check appointments, turn on our favorite podcast or playlist, all this using our smartphone and the internet. We are so used to this connected reality that not having internet access has become the exception. When we wake up we are connected, […]

Why is Binario Cloud different from other Cloud providers?


What does organizations agile model have to do with Cloud Computing?

It is a fact that all sectors seek to make their production process increasingly efficient, agile and lean. We identify the beginning of this movement looking at the theory of Scientific Administration, known as Taylorism, which consists of the study of time and movement, and used for productive development, proposing that each worker focuses on the execution of a single task. Later we saw the emergence of Fordism, created by […]
Porque a nuvem híbrida é a nova realidade?

Why is Hybrid Cloud a new reality?

Much has been said about Cloud Computing, its possibilities and applications. Having such a broad concept, the challenges for the Cloud Professional is great, especially for being responsible for scaling, deploying and supporting the Cloud environment in companies. In general, we observe that one of the main concerns of IT is not to negatively impact the end user, especially those who use applications such as management software, ERP, intranet, CRM […]
O que é Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is still a subject that raises many questions. We read and listen almost daily to data storage, cloud-based systems, services, products, streaming videos, music, applications and infrastructure that are in cloud computing environment. The main idea is to be able to access servers, files and data from anywhere in the world using the internet and making access to this content possible by several people from different locations, provided […]